Capsiplex - The Chili Diet Pill

Capsiplex is the latest chili diet pill which has the media talking, and dieters scrambling to get hold of it.

buy-capsiplex-img12Capsiplex contains the two natural ingredients; chili and capsicum. The Scottish based company behind the pill claims that it can burn as many calories as jogging for 25 minutes.

They also claim that Capsiplex has a cult celebrity following, with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez both advocating its use. Buy Capsiplex online

How does Capsiplex work?

It has long been understood that consuming red peppers or certain spices can actually increase resting metabolism. However, the amount of spices needed to do this usually causes discomfort and until now has not been realistically possible.

Capsiplex is the first supplement to overcome any possible irritationĀ  by using a special ph-sensitive coating. This does not digest until it has reached the small intestine, bypassing any stomach irritation.

"25 minutes of jogging or Capsiplex - Capsiplex claims to burn
an extra 278 calories per day"

Capsiplex was featured in the Daily Express and Daily Star back in June 2010, leading to a huge amount of interest with sales of over 50k units in just 3 days.

Capsiplex Side Effects

The ingredients in Capsiplex are 100% natural and are not known to cause any potential side effects. Even those who are normally sensitive to spicey foods have not reported any discomfort with this product. Capsiplex is also suitable for vegetarians.

So does Capsiplex work?

There are already a number of "fat burners" on the market which contain Chili or red pepper extract so the technology is not really revolutionary.

However there is overwhelming evidence that spices can indeed speed up the metabolism.

The marketing behind the product however is a little over hyped for our liking.

Slogans such as "Slim at your desk" and the use of super thin celebrities hardly lend credibility to the product, especially in an industry where hype is so common.

Is Capsiplex worth buying?

Over hyped marketing aside, Capsiplex is actually one of the only clinically proven fat burners in existance. While many other fat burners on the market claim to boost the metabolism, they usually do so with the use of harsh stimulants such as caffeine or guarana.

Capsiplex's unique and scientific approach of including chilli extract is sure to be a big hit with natural dieters, who want reliable weight loss without any side effects.

Where can I buy Capsiplex?

The cheapest place to buy Capsiplex is online from the official website - Buy Capsiplex

Periodically, Capsiplex offer various different packages to save money on your order, check out the latest offers and discounts at Capsiplex coupon code

How does Capsiplex compare with other fat burners?

buy-capsiplex-img10As already mentioned, many fat burning formulations often rely on the use of stimulants such as caffeine or guarana.

Green Tea extract is another well known ingredient which has had some positive success in promoting weight loss in clinical trials.

However while these compounds can boost the metabolism all of them work crudely and often effect the cardiovascular system.

This can cause other side effects other than fat loss; nausea, insomnia and upset stomach are common complaints with caffeine based formulas.

Capsiplex on the other hand appears to be different and uses spices to boost the metabolism instead of caffeine or any other harsh stimulant.

This method also appears much more effective at increasing the metabolic rate, with no long term damage or side effects from its use. One clinical study has shown that Capsiplex can speed up the metabolism by up to 12x the normal rate.

Our conclusion is that Capsiplex appears to offer a safe solution for those wanting to burn extra calories without the side effects.

buy-Capsiplex-img5Capsiplex alternatives

For some dieters, Capsiplex may not offer the results expected due to an already high daily calorie intake. While Capsiplex might help supercharge the metabolism, any real weight loss results will only come when a negative balance of calories is achieved.

Simply put, less calories in and more calories out, is the only way to make a dramatic effect on weight loss.

Fat burners are only one piece of the puzzle and very rarely produce results by themselves. If you struggle to eat less or find it hard to cut out certain foods without cravings, than an appetite suppressant may be more beneficial in the short term.

Appetite suppressants can quickly re-train eating habits, and unlike fat buners, do not need to be taken forever to keep the weight off.

Many dieters find that the dream team for reliable weight loss is a combination of both a good fat burner and a natural appetite suppressant.

buy-capsiplex-img13The combination of Proactol (a strong natural appetite suppressant) and Capsiplex would make for a very effective combination, and would give the best results compared to taking either alone.

Both are 100% natural and side effect free and can be used safely together.

Read more about Proactol in the full review

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