Diet review compare: Atkins diet compare to other most popular diets.

It is hard to know what diet plan to use and what diet path to choose. We will compare some most popular diets and will do some short review of it.

Atkins diet review:

Atkins diet compare

How works Atkins diet.

You control your carbohydrate intake and that starts your body to fat-burning metabolism.

What can you eat when you are on Atkins diet?

You can eat high fibber vegetables, use seafood like fish, get some poultry, beef, pork, eggs, plant-based. Use olive oil, nuts, butter and avocado. Need to consume some Greek yogurt and cheese. Do not forget to use low-glycaemic fruits as melons, berries, cherries. Using Atkins diet, you can consume whole grains and higher starch vegetables with one condition, if you are tolerating it.
On every diet step you must avoid trans fats, refined flour and any kind of sugar.

Why Atkins diet is better than other diets?

Low-carb approach diet already approved whole world as there was made some scientifically test on it and it was confirmed that diet when you do not use sugar is high efficiently. It is the best way to lose weight and no one other diet can help you to do it in easy way as it is when you refuse to use sugar.
Atkins diet helps you to lower sugar in your blood, but you can choose diet usage as you want.

Weight watcher diet review:

 Weight watcher diet compare

How works weight watcher diet?

Main deal of this diet is to count your “points” which are assigned to any kind of food you consume.

What can you eat when you are on weight watcher?

You are free to eat all food but you need count “points” of that food to calculate them in fibber, fats, carbs and proteins.

Food counting as points let you count food quantity you consume but you still use sugar and empty carbs which are bad for you and will get harder to lose weight. If you consider to lose weight you should count on loosing culprit food from your daily meal and stop use bread or pasta daily.

Mediterranean diet review:

 Mediterranean diet compare

How works Mediterranean diet?

You eat style comes similar to Mediterranean people culture eating style.

What can you eat when you are on Mediterranean diet?

It is diet when most of meals are made from plant-based foods. There you will find meals from vegetables and fruits, whole grain bread, nuts or seed, potatoes. There can be found small portions of yogurt or cheese, some poultry and eggs. Fish will be consumed at least 2 times per week in Mediterranean diet. You will be using some oils and herbs. You are free to use spices. 

What will be limited in Mediterranean diet that it is red meat and sugar to use.

Problem with diet can be that you cannot tolerate too much carbohydrate and you will be intolerant to it. Your metabolism cannot handle too much carbohydrates. In that case you should not pick Mediterranean diet and pick Atkins diet.

Paleo diet review:

Paleo diet compare

How works Paleo diet?

You will be eating all food that were using our ancestors. It is hunted or gathered food.

What can you eat when you are on Paleo diet?

Meats of grass, seafood, eggs, vegetables and fresh fruits, seeds and nuts, natural oils.

On paleo diet you must avoid any cereal grains, legumes, almost all dairy products, any refined sugar, processed food, potatoes, overly salty foods, refined oils and candy or processed foods.

Paleo diet focuses mainly on quality of carbohydrates, but you are not covered in quantity, so are free to eat as much as you want. So we realize if we eat a lot, we won’t burn fat as much as we want.