Dukan diet review: name came from Doctor Pierre Dukan's 40 years of experience, when he was working with his patient to get a result on a diets.

More of that Doctor found a Dukan diet that method structured around 4 phases of weight loosing. This diet works like: 2 steps are for weight losing and 2 steps are for weight stabilizing in human body. All this Dukan diet strategy works on a list of 100 foods that are permitted to use, and most interesting it is that you can eat as much as you want, no restriction of these foods are made for.
Dukan diet is based on acknowledge that most effective tool to lose weight for human is natural protein method.The original method: a diet structured around 4 phases

Doctor Pierre Dukan was first person whom realized and offered diet structure of 4 phases with a result of 2 phases to lose weight on diet and 2 phases to maintain and stabilize body weight during diet time. This stabilized weight is called as a TRUE weight of your body.

Let’s start review Dukan diet phases:

1) Dukan diet attack phase:

This diet phase is most efficiently and motivating as it is the time when you are losing much body fat and weight of your body lowers.

You are free to use 72 foods that you like, all of them are in high natural protein and help’s your first steps in diet.

2) Dukan diet cruise phase: eventually you are reaching your TRUE body weight.

Your meals changes from only natural proteins foods to mixed natural proteins and vegetables of 28 kinds.

3) Dukan diet consolidation phase: you learn and help your body to stay on weight you have reached. In other words, you learning your body stay healthy and nice fit. You are starting add foods or meals into your day ration with higher calorie count.

Every week you are helping your body to maintain your TRUE body weight with Natural Protein day meal. This simple day meal on Dukan diet will help you avoid “YoYo” effect. Consolidation phase of this Dukan diet is made from 100 unlimited permitted foods mixed of vegetables and proteins and from now on you will be free to add 1 portion of lamb or pork fillet per week. You will be amazed that using this Dukan diet step from now on you are not restricted anymore to use lean ham without fat. Just remember you cannot eat usual ham with fat.

Let’s see table of how you ascend an order.

Dukan diet extras in the 1st half of consolidation Dukan diet extras in the 2nd half of consolidation


Dukan diet

*Exceptions to be precaution:

grapes, figs, bananas, cherries.

** Exceptions to be precaution for any celebrations:

A meal with wine and maybe with any kind cheese to wine or any kind of a desert. You must remember that during this diet you can take it all only once a course.

4) Dukan diet stabilization phase: 

  • 3 simple rules to follow and you are free to eat all and how you wish whole life.
  • Natural proteins will need to use on Thursday- you use one day of natural proteins on Dukan diet every week.
  •  You need to walk 20 minutes a day and try never ever use lifts or escalators.
  • 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day

Dukan diet 100 permitted foods for cornerstone system.

You will need to use to eat free on your controlled way of diet. You need to remember that you need to stick on controlled foods and you will be free to understand that you can eat as much as you want as long you eat diet controlled foods.
Whole this Dukan diet is made from understanding that mankind was made for some kind foods we can use, and some kind foods we cannot use every day, if we want to be slim and healthy. Trying dieting while there are so many foods is unnaturally.

Never ever forget that no diet will help you if you do not do exercising. 

Every phase of Dukan diet must be integrated with a physical exercises and the minimum of the requirement is to walk at least 20 minutes every day. You are recommended and free to take any exercises you like because all you need when you use this diet is to be active.

By taking exercise you use up calories, burn up your fat reserves and tone and firm up your skin.

 Dukan diet