Rosemary Conley's Diet and Fitness plans are combined by a low fat, low-GI diet with regular exercises and self-control strategy.

There are various fitness programs, which you can follow to reach the best results.

In that program, you are encouraged to eat with 5% or less fat, with the exception of oily fish, porridge oats and lean meat.

You will learn about calorie counting and portion size, and that will help you control yours weight and reach yours health goals. You will find some exercises and will learn how to maintain healthy life with exercises every day.

All this diet are made for persons, which are interested to change their life style and start, eat healthy.

Only seven weeks of this diet will make fabulous changes in yours health, appearance and yours life style.

Rosemary Conley diet Pros:

This diet program is focused on calories and cutting fat. The "portion pots" – which are used to measure foods such as rice, cereal, and pasta and baked beans – teach you about portion control.

The main thing of this diet is that you learn what to eat, how much you need to eat and same time you are doing healthy exercises to maintain yours healthy body.

Rosemary Conley diet Cons:

There are low fat products that are more dangerous than fat as they can still be high in sugar and calories.

You have to learn portion control from your view; you definitely will not walk with portion pots in café to measure what and how much you can eat. You have to learn measure it from yours eye.

BDA verdict:

This diet offers a balanced approach to weight loss with healthy diet and exercise plan. It will teach you about food portion size.

The educational element about food contribution is very useful for long-term weight management once you have left the program.

Weight Watchers diet review

Weight Watchers diet contains of plan that is based on points system that gives you a value of drinks and food you are contribution.

This value system based on protein, carbs, fat and fibre content.

This diet is essentially a calorie-controlled diet where you can eat fruits and vegetables as much as you like.

In addition, as all diets here is some tricky thing you have to do exercises.

Remember all no exercises no diet will help you get well and healthy.

This entire diet plan is simple to help you 2 pounds fat each week from yours body.